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Jun 17, 2013 5:00pm PDT
that line from the up rising. it started as a protest against the backdrop of a declining economy, lack of jobs, corrupt government and excitement with what was going on in the arab world. he followed the tactic of his father, and he said they would strike precisely. they have used brutality they're unleashed every weapon that we're aware of in their arsenal against the population. that they are terrorists is a--there are terrorist factions among the rebels. are they all terrorists? no. but it's a mixed bag. and he has chosen that rationale to tell the world you've got to either stay with me or what will come after me will be much worse for you than what you see today in syria. >> john: indeed. it's very terrifying, and one can only hope that president obama and putin have taken the time to talk to each other and hopefully flush out a way to deal with the-- >> i doubt it. >> cenk: i doubt t too but i'm paid to be an optimist. ambassador richard murphy. thank you for joining us. up next we'll look at the around the clock coverage of the miss teen pageant. when we come back. view this wee
Jun 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
liberties, on our economy and most importantly, would kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in an instant. so it really is a -- a weapon that is unique in its destructive power which is why global zero was formed because we see the weapons spreading. we see a new version of the nuclear arms race that is horizontal with more countries getting, with terrorists trying to get them. and it only takes one nuclear bomb. as president obama said in his prague speech, this matters to people everywhere. it if this bomb goes off in new york or london or in delhi it would catastrophic for the world. >> john: one last question. if the people lead, will the leaders follow? >> that is our hope. that's really the founding premise behind global zero. i think president obama wants to see a world without nuclear weapons. we know that. i think other leaders around the world want to see it. the public, the media leaders young people need to get behind this. to join. we have a great group of some of the world's best artists who have backed the movement which certainly helps. we need
Jun 19, 2013 5:00pm PDT
fort meade where the nsa is. we're talking about a real profound transformation not only of the economy of the city, but the demographics, the it's physical shape that has come about simply because of all of this national security contracting that begs a lot of questions that david talked about. you know, over time progressively we've gotten a little bit more information about what happens in the nsa what are these guys up to, but it's been a topic of creeping ominousness for a decade now because we've all seen just the scale of money and employees that these companies have. >> john: david, before i move off this topic i do want to ask can you explain what the no- no-money rule is when it comes to booz allen? >> i've written about this before. when it comes to political reporting, the influence of money itself, of what politicians are saying to us and how they're vote something essentially written out of the story. you'll have some stories that are specifically about just about the money going into the political system. but in the day-to-day political reportage, if you read about a give
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3